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woensdag 1 juli 2009

Dear all!

I got e-mail from people who are asking if I'm ok. Well, I am!!
But lately it's been very busy. My two daughters had their birthdays, school holidays and last but most important I can't get any designing done. I'm busy with a summer kit for almost ages.... I got the papers but I really have no inspiration for the elements, well, actually I got some inspiration but when I'm behind my PS program I cannot get anything done. Maybe it's something like a 'writers block' or so.......

I live in the Netherlands and i don't know I you guys know what the weather is like most of the year here (cold and rainy)... but it's beautiful now! It's about 25 degrees Celcius (77 Fahrenheit) and it's really good weather to be outside in the garden with the children. And then in the evening... well then I have to get some household done.....yuk! So little time to sit behind my computer.

But please don't worry. I will be back and I hope you have the patience to wait for that. The only thing I do now is making layouts for the P365 - project. If you are curious, you can find them on my other (family) blog.

Hope to be back soon!