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dinsdag 14 april 2009


Hi there,

I do not have much time to design right now. Have some catching up to do in my house and I want to try to do some P365 layouts, bacause I'm seven (!!!) weeks behind. 

BUT, I want to give my blog a new look, because this white one is soooo boring.
I did some research on the net, but could not find it. So maybe you guys out there can give me some hints...... I see layouts behind the blogtext everywhere, but I do not know how to get it there. Anyone can help me??? You can send me an e-mail or leave a comment. It is much appreciated!! 

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  1. http://easycustomblogs.blogspot.com/ Heeft veel informstie, Ik heb er nog een, maar op deze computer heb ik het adres niet. Ik kom er op terug.
    Klara Meijer

  2. With Blogger, you must start with the Minima theme that they offer if you would like to change your blog's appearance. From there, go to any one of the blog layout sites, like "Easy Custom Blogs", to choose a design.

    Basically, the backgrounds you see on other sites are images, placed on Photobucket, TinyPics, etc. A certain code is placed, either within your blog's html or in a sidebar widget, then, the selected image's URL is placed within the code. That is it.

    Any one of the sites have the code you need, along with a bunch of designs and layouts. Have fun!


    PS - I have a list of blog design sites on a post I did recently. There is also directions to using a scrapbook kit for a blog layout:


  3. Here are some sites with free blog layouts/instructions:



    Hope that helps!